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All about spiruline by les secondes euro

Par CATHERINE LABIA, publié le mardi 18 décembre 2018 15:51 - Mis à jour le mercredi 19 décembre 2018 08:39

The hope of a new food : Hoope !


On Friday, November 30th, the 2nde euro class met Alexis Lesly Veillard, one of Hoope’s founders.

Hoope is a company working on the food of tomorrow that seeks to make food healthier for humans and better for the environment. The company was co-founded by two young men : Christophe SOVRAN and Alexis LESLY-VEILLARD.They created a spread with spirulina. There are two different tastes of spreads : one with hazelnuts and cocoa and the other one with almonds.

HOOPE creates tasty products, rich in essential nutrients and eco-responsible! This spread is gluten-free, lactose-free, palm-oil free and additive-free. It is produced in France and the ingredients are from fair trade.


Class : What studies have you done ?

Alexis : Purpan engineering school for 5 years, and then a master in marketing

Class : Why did you create your own business ?

Alexis : Because the spread was at first a school project which became a company. I’m really happy to work in my own business

Class : What are the advantages of this spread for our  health ? on the environment ?

Alexis : The spread is naturally rich in nutrients like vitamins E or B12, minerals like magnesium or iron and proteins. It doesn’t contain lactose, gluten, palm oil and additives. It contains less sugar than Nutella. This spread is adapted to all diets like veganism. It is ecoresponsible and the ingredients are organic and natural. Moreover, spirulina is good for the environment and it is a super-food.


Class : Where do your ingredients come from?

Alexis : Cocoa and cocoa butter come from South America. Cane sugar comes from Brazil, spirulina comes from Asia, sunflower oil from Europe, hazelnuts from Turkey and almonds from the USA.








Class : What are the challenges you met for the creation of your spread?

Alexis : The challenges are to make spirulina tastier in a spread and to keep all the benefits and nutrients into a spread.

Class : Why spirulina and not another super food?

Alexis : Spirulina is the best superfood of the century, according to WHO (World Health Organization). We wanted to work on spirulina because it is rarely used in other foods. It is an innovation.

Class : What is the price of this spread?

Alexis : The price of 1 pot is 6.95€


Class :  Have you got some sponsors ?

Alexis : No, we don’t have any sponsors. But we won some competitions like Carrefour, Pépite, etc… And we are known from some medias like FranceBleu, 20 Minutes or Spiruline France.

Class : Do you manage other action for the environment ?

Alexis : The spread is organic, and the pot is made of glass, a recyclable material. Nothing else, because the environment is not the first value of the product.


Class : Is the product working well ?

Alexis : Yes, we sold 500kg of spread in 5 months. That’s huuuuge, guyys !!!!!!!!


Class : Do you already have other ideas of food to create ?

Alexis : Yes. We want to create mueslis, granolas, and biscuits with spirulina in the future . We also plan to develop products containing other superfoods, like cranberries.


Class : Why did you want to create a spread at first ?

Alexis : We wanted to create a product for breakfast. A spread is a good way to become famous.


Class : Do you think about taking on other people ?

Alexis: yes. We plan to take on 10 people in 2 years.


Class : Do you want to open your own store ?

Alexis : No, we don’t have enough products to open our own store.



This amazing spread is full of vitamins and minerals. And Alexis and his friend met the challenge successfully to use spirulina and to make it tastier in a spread, keeping all the benefits and nutrients.

We can certify that it’s really really tasty! Everyone had a bite and loved it. Most of the class preferred the spread with hazelnuts and cocoa but some students also loved the spread with almonds. It can be consumed by vegans and people intolerant to lactose, so everyone can eat this fabulous spread ! And in the future, they want to create some different foods with spirulina and other superfoods, like mueslis and biscuits. Keep it in mind ! You can find their products in supermarkets like Carrefour and Intermarché around Toulouse, for the modest sum of 6.95€.

Several pupils from the class bought a spread, and their families loved it! The product is currently working well. Come on and get one to help them, who are an example of the development of the food of the future.

The 2nde Euro class

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